Project Details

A Silverlight web application that supports GPS-positioning for surveying in the field. Traffic signs of a municipality can be displayed on the background of Open Street Map. Objects carry properties and VBS supports field inspection of objects concerning aspects like quality and correctness according legal rules and suggest actions to be performed. Detailed workorders help the government to execute the maintenance tasks and keep track of all maintenance in the field.

By a total survey of all objects the system will support governments in estimation of yearly budgets or project dependant budgets. Control of quantity and quality is the keyword. Further on any object can be connected with (legal) documents to describe the object in technical and legal aspects.

  • Client: Ravelin
  • Tasks:  Concept, .Net Web Development, Database Development
  • Technologies: Microsoft .Net, Silverlight, Sql Server, OpenStreet Maps
  • Website: http://ravelin.nl/