Project Details

Tastier is an app to pay in restaurants. As a user you enter a Tastier partner restaurant, order as always, get the bill/check sent to your phone, and pay on the phone. The key goal of Tastier is making restaurant visits easier, faster and more convenient. In order to enhance the user experience beyond actual payment, Tastier users can also search for restaurants that accept Tastier, and offer functionalities like ratings. Integrated with payment systems such as Stripe and multiple POS systems. In addition, Tastier also offers a responsive webapp for waiters, portable into Phonegap solution with vibration notifications.

  • Client: Tastier
  • Tasks:  .Net Web Development, Database Development
  • Technologies: EntityFramework 6, Asp.NET WebApi 2, Asp.NET MVC 5, OWIN 3, OAuth 2,  MS Azure, SWIFT, Push Notifications, Localization Technologies and BLE, Html, Javascript, SignalR
  • Website: http://tastier.ch/